The 5 Best Smoker Thermometers [2023]

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I believe we can all agree that attempting to smoke things without an accurate smoker thermometer is pointless. It’s like driving a vehicle with no gas. You will get nowhere.

Though BBQ masters make it appear simple, creating the ideal smoked BBQ meat without maintaining your smoker’s temperature stable is really difficult.

Most inexperienced grillers rely on their smoker’s built-in thermometer. Your aspirations for juicy, tender brisket will be dashed, however, when you find dry, overdone beef.

The nice news is that by getting a smoker thermometer, you can keep your BBQ meats from becoming a dry overcooked mess.

A thermometer will assist you in controlling the temperature of your smoker, resulting in a soft, juicy, and delectable piece of meat.


What To Look For in a Smoker Thermometer

When it comes to smoker thermometers, there are numerous important variables to consider.

Bluetooth capabilities, as well as simplicity of use, are all important factors in the quality of a smoker thermometer.Thermometer type, cable length, probe and temperature range, efficiency, and wirelessness are all important considerations.

These are the qualities that you should look for in a smoker thermometer.

Thermometer Type

Bluetooth, among other things. The sort of smoker thermometer you need is determined on your preferences.There are several sorts of thermometers, such as instant-read and wireless.

Unfortunately, for newbies to BBQ, this requires experimenting with different smoker thermometers until they discover the right one.

Direct-read thermometers may be put into the meat. You’ll know the temperature of your meal in a matter of seconds.

To check the temperature of your meal, just slide the thermometer probe into it for a few seconds.

Though instant-read thermometers were formerly the must-have smoker thermometer, wireless and Bluetooth thermometers have infiltrated many BBQ fans’ grill equipment collections.

The most tempting feature of wireless probe thermometers is that they can stay in the meat throughout the cooking process.

Wireless probe thermometers provide more precise and accurate readings since they do not need to be withdrawn.

Furthermore, a safe heat wire is attached to the probe and leads back to a digital module located on the smoker’s exterior. The temperature will be shown clearly on the digital device.

Wireless and instant-read thermometers, according to barbecue lovers, are feasible solutions with pros and downsides.

Some people choose wireless thermometers since they do not have to continually risk compromising smoke levels in order to measure the temperature of the meat.

Others are OK with utilizing an instant-read thermometer to check the temperature of the smoker and the meat a few times throughout the cooking period.

Probes and Temperature Range

The typical smoker probe temperature varies from 0 to 300 degrees Celsius.

This is the most effective range for smoking all types of meals. However, certain probe temperatures may reach 482 and even 716 degrees Fahrenheit.

While thermometers with up to three probes are available, most experts think that a dual smoker thermometer is the most practical and efficient.

This enables you to test and monitor the temperature of many types of meat.

However, replacement probes for certain smoker thermometer brands may be purchased and fastened together to produce six thermometer probes.

Wire Length

The wire length of a thermometer smoker should be between 30-48 inches.

A wire length in this range gives you enough space to securely monitor the temperature throughout the grilling operation.


When it comes to a smoker thermometer, precision is everything. You want a smoker that maintains a near-perfect temperature.

It is advisable to look for a smoker thermometer that promises to be accurate to 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus.

Ease of Use

During the cooking process, you should be able to quickly pull out your thermometer and read the temperature. Having difficulty getting an accurate read destroys the grilling experience.

Look for a smoker thermometer that is simple to assemble and straightforward to use. Smokers should be simple to assemble and use.

Hot Tip
Most thermometer smoker brands will often claim to be the easiest, simplest thermometer you will ever need. You will see it in the display as well as the settings, pre-settings, timers, and alarms.

Remote Range 

This function is available on wireless and Bluetooth-enabled smoking thermometers. It is preferable to use a thermometer with a long remote range.

This is why it is critical to assess the interoperability of wireless and Bluetooth-enabled smoking thermometers.

Check the thermometer against your gadgets to ensure they are still within range. Furthermore, whether inside or outside your house, you keep a relationship with the meal.

The finest Bluetooth-enabled or wireless smoker thermometers have a remote range of at least 150 feet.


When it comes to a smoker thermometer, selecting one made of sturdy materials is critical.

While your thermometer does not need to be indestructible, a smoker thermometer should endure a long period.

You should look for a water-resistant or shock-proof smoker thermometer. They are built to withstand extensive usage and will not stop operating if a little amount of water gets on them.


To be honest, inexpensive smoker thermometers will cost you more in the long run than a more expensive unit. You will need to replace the batteries in your smoker thermometers on a regular basis.

Take note of the batteries your thermometer needs, as well as their expected lifetime.

Digital Display Backlight 

Smoking meat is a time-consuming procedure that might take all night. As a result, you’ll need a smoker thermometer that can be utilized at any time of day or night.

Backlights make it simple to determine the temperature of the meat in low-light conditions.


Price is always the most important consideration when acquiring anything. Fortunately, smoker thermometers vary in price from cheap to expensive.

You must choose between spending more for a thermometer with advanced functions and paying less for a less expensive device with fewer features.


When it comes to grilling equipment, warranty is vital. Although most people avoid purchasing warranties, it is wise to do so.

You may be able to replace probes or sensors if they become incorrect, depending on what the warranty covers.

Bottom Line
Most thermometer smoker brands have a warranty between 1-3 years.

Best Smoker Thermometers

Though most people believe smoking meat is simple, it is a lengthy process that needs time, effort, and, most importantly, money.

In fact, you should devote just as much time and effort to locating the ideal smoker thermometer.

Fortunately, we have reduced your selections down to the top five best smoker thermometers. These dependable tools will provide a delicate, juicy piece of smoked meat.

Thermopro Wireless Remote Smoker Thermometer

It should come as no surprise that ThermoPro designed a hands-free digital smoker thermometer. We live in an age of hands-free electronics.

This smoker thermometer has dual probe technology, enabling you to cook two portions of meat at the same time. Furthermore, the monitors enable you to keep an eye on your phone from up to 300 feet away.

You may use this versatile thermometer on your barbecue, smoker, or oven. This thermometer will be with you almost every time you enter your kitchen.

This smoker thermometer is really simple to install. Synchronization is unnecessary. Even better, the huge LCD screens are ideal for low-light situations, displaying both food and smoke or oven temperatures.

The kitchen timer function, which counts up and down, is ideal for the smoking process. It also offers two time length choices, including 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, to help you manage your time more effectively.

When the temperature is reached, an alarm will ring and a light will flash.

ThermoPros smoker thermometer features settings for nine different types of meat as well as USDA suggested doneness temperatures.

You may cook ground beef or poultry, beef, veal, pig, poultry, lamb, and fish to rare, medium-rare, medium, medium well, or well done.

You may even reset all of the preset temps until your meat reaches the temperature you want.

The probes are made of food-grade stainless steel and are highly robust.

The steel probes include a step-down tip design that allows for faster and more accurate temperature readings.

The smoker thermometer shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. To provide a near-perfect reading, the probe temperature ranges from 32F to 572F (or 0C to 300C). Furthermore, the probe wires are heat resistant and can endure temperatures as high as 716F.

ThermoPros smoker thermometer temperature settings are kept even when the thermometer is turned off.

This smoker has a splash cover, a receiver pullout countertop stand, a receiver belt clip, and a rubber sleeve case.

Finally, the transmitter includes a wire hook for attaching the thermometer to the oven door, as well as a stand.

Overall, the ThermoPro smoker thermometer enables you to relax and enjoy your company without having to interrupt the conversation to check the temperature of your meal.

Lavatools Javelin Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Without an instant-read thermometer, our smoker thermometer list would be incomplete. The lavatools smoker thermometer is a reasonable alternative, however it is a question of personal taste.

This smoker thermometer features an ultra-fast reaction time of 3-4 seconds and an efficiency of more than 0.9F. That’s correct, 0.9F. It has a huge 1.4-inch display that is very simple to see.

The lavatools smoker thermometer is splash-proof to IP65 standards. This protects your thermometer from small spills and kitchen mishaps.

You may attach this thermometer to your oven or refrigerator with the inbuilt magnet. This enables you to keep it in the most convenient location.

Best of all, this smoker thermometer is useful for more than just smoked foods. This versatile appliance can handle liquids, fryers, bread, chocolate, yogurt, and cheese.

Lavatools thermometer smoker is NSF certified and has a quality that is unrivaled on the market.

This smoker thermometer, in fact, comes with an industry-leading 3-year limited guarantee.

If you’re prone to misplacing kitchen items, this is the smoker thermometer for you.

With handy storage choices, you won’t have to hunt through your kitchen cabinets for your thermometer the next time you want to grill.

Nutrichef Smart Bluetooth Bbq Grill Thermometer

The nutrichef thermometer has updated stainless steel probes that are designed to remain in a grill, oven, or smoker for the duration of cooking.

The probe probes can tolerate temperatures of up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the 32-inch braided stainless steel cable wire can endure temperatures as high as 716F.

The cable is intended to have enough of space to keep the Bluetooth hardware safe from heat.

This smoker thermometer has a wireless range of 328 feet outside and 100 feet inside. You will even get a notice if the signal is lost.

This thermometer has a smartphone alert that works with both Apple iPhones and Android smartphones through the WiFi mobile app.

When your meat reaches the preprogrammed temperature, you will get a push notice to remove it from the smoker.

Despite the fact that this smoker thermometer comes with two probes, you can add four more and cook four items at the same time.

Temperatures are shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit on the remote, and you may change or store pro cooking presets for your favorite BBQ recipes.

This instant-read digital display thermometer is ideal for grilling throughout the day or at night.

The huge backlit display may be held in your hands or positioned on a pedestal that can be adjusted. It is also useful for quickly checking the temperature and development of your meat.

The digital display will automatically switch between the two readings and alert you when the temperature falls below or exceeds the preprogrammed level.

Bottom Line
Overall the nutrichef smoker thermometer is a cool piece of modern technology. If you love adding smart kitchen gadgets to your kitchen arsenal, this is the best choice for you.

Veken Wireless Meat Thermometer

The Veken wireless smoker thermometer has a 490-foot range.

This sturdy, durable thermometer has double the typical thermometer range and triples the normal Bluetooth range.

You can cook four different varieties of meat at the same time using four probes.

You may use this smoker thermometer for grilling, roasting, or smoking meals since it is made of food-grade stainless steel and can withstand temperatures of up to 572F.

The best part is that Vekens smoker thermometer meets IPX7 waterproof requirements, so you won’t have to worry about spills.

When things go easily, they run better, and this smoker thermometer runs effortlessly. With an already-paired transmitter and receiver, there’s no need to worry about app crashes or constant re-connection concerns.

This thermometer contains pre-programmed temperature settings for eight different types of meat, as well as the USDA’s five basic food-safe temperatures. Set your temperature and walk away with ease.

The Veken thermometer is built with precision and delivers both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.

1C.The illuminated LCD screen is ideal for day or nighttime smoking and will provide you with a temperature in 2-3 seconds. It also has an accuracy range of 8F.

This hands-free thermometer has a belt clip as well as a stand that makes it simple to place or store your thermometer.

This smoker thermometer will even notify you when your meal has reached the proper temperature. Furthermore, the intelligent settings and reminders are ideal for time management and food planning.

Non-slip silicone is used on the borders for longevity, and dependable heat sensors are used for greater precision.

The thermometers also come with 49-inch stainless steel braided cords.

The Veken smoker thermometer generally allows you to sit back and connect with the people around you. As it watches the smoking process, it removes the need to gaze at a grill.

Newstart Bbq Smoker Thermometer

Two stainless steel BBQ thermometer gauges are included with this two-piece temperature gauge. The gauges include big degree scales and numerals that are simple to see even from a distance.

The best part is that it has color-coded zones that clearly show smoke, BBQ, and grill temperature zones. With high precision, the temperature ranges from 100 to 550F.

One of the most annoying aspects about temperature meters is that they fog up. The surface of the smoker thermometer, on the other hand, is waterproof and will not get foggy.

Best of all, you can simply install it to your smoker using a screw thread and wing nut.

This smoker thermometer includes a 12-month guarantee and a 2-inch length 304 stainless steel casing that measures – 10F.With a precision of +

Stainless steel stem with a diameter of 4 inches.This smoker thermometer also has a 3-inch long and a 1-inch long probe.

Overall, the Newstart BBQ thermometer is ideal for those looking for a basic thermometer. Additionally, they may be used to replace the gauge in your barbecue or smoker.

FAQs About Smoker Thermometers

With all of the material you’ve just read, you’re certain to have some unanswered questions. These are the most frequently asked questions about smoker thermometers.

Are Smoker Thermometers Accurate?

Yes, smoking thermometers do work. A dial thermometer is normally pre-installed on the dome or hood of most grills and smokers. However, these thermometers are not only inexpensive, but also incorrect.

This is why most grilling gurus advocate investing in a separate smoker thermometer.

Smoker thermometers will give you a precise temperature and prevent your meat from overcooking.

How Do You Use a Digital Thermometer on a Smoker?

It is quite simple to use a digital probe smoker thermometer. Turn on your smoker and put the probe into the thickest section of the meat, being careful not to contact any bones.

Insert the probe just until it reaches the middle of the meat; do not push it all the way through.

If you’re just cooking one piece of meat and have a dual probe thermometer, you may secure the second probe to the grate.

The second probe attaches to the control panel, enabling you to conveniently check the temperature of both the smoker and the meat.

Furthermore, to avoid false readings, the probe should be put into the clip when the clip is halfway up.

All that remains is to take the temperature. In the best-case scenario, your smoker thermometer will enable you to sit back and relax while conveniently monitoring and adjusting the temperature.

The easiest part is now taking the meal from the smoker after it has reached the appropriate temperature and enjoying it.

How Do I Know if My Smoker Thermometer Is Working?

Unfortunately, some of us presume a thermometer is in good operating order because it lights up. However, merely turning it on is insufficient.

How can you tell whether a thermometer is accurate? Is it aimed at you or at a flame? Instead of pointing and firing at random things, try this strategy.

Full in four ways.3 to 3Fill a big dish halfway with ice and water.

Place the smoker thermometer probe about 2 inches in the center of the ice bath and gently swirl it for 15 seconds, moving the stem continually.

A functional thermometer will read 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, don’t allow your set thermometer come into contact with the ice, otherwise you’ll obtain an erroneous low temperature.

How Do I Use a Wireless Smoker Thermometer?

It is relatively simple to use a wireless thermometer in a smoker. First, light your smoker. Check that your wireless thermometer is in good working order. Check that your batteries are properly fitted.

Furthermore, ensure that you can see the temperature on the display and that the probes are securely secured to the transmitter. set the probe halfway into the meat and set it in the smoker.

If you set the transmitter too near to the transmitter, your reading will be affected. Close your smoker and let the meat do its thing.

Wireless thermometer probes must remain inserted in the meat during the cooking process.

The last recommendation for using a wireless thermometer in a smoker is to keep the receiver close by. Keeping the receiver in range enables you to check the meat’s temperature without leaving your seat.

When your meal has reached the desired temperature, carefully remove the probe and dive in.

Are Digital Meat Thermometers Accurate?

Digital thermometers, of course, are precise. Digital thermometers, according to some BBQ experts, are preferable.

They feel that digital thermometers are more accurate, consistent, and user-friendly than non-digital smoking thermometers.

Most digital thermometers have an accuracy range of 2 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit. However, most digital thermometers do not go over 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I Leave a Meat Thermometer in a Smoker?

Unfortunately, only thermometers with a connected temperature probe may be used in a smoker for a prolonged period of time.

The probe will be put into the meat and will stay there throughout the smoking process until the required temperature is reached. The best part is that you can check the temperature of your meat without opening the smoker.

What Temperature Does Meat Stop Taking Smoke?

The idea that meats no longer absorb smoke is just that: a fiction.

There is no time restriction for smoke absorption. At 170°F, the smoke ring should cease developing.

Some individuals feel that salt is to blame. This is due to myoglobin losing its ability to sustain oxygen levels.

Where Do You Place an Ambient Thermometer in a Smoker?

The inner temperature of the grill or smoker is higher at the top of the stove. If you position your thermometer in this area, you will most likely get an erroneous reading.

An ambient thermometer should be placed on the side of the machine, a few inches above the cooking grates. This keeps the thermometer in contact with the food and provides a more accurate reading.

Is the Dome Temperature Higher Than the Grate Temperature?

The temperature of the dome may be greater than the temperature of the grate. Temperature changes may be caused by airflow and indirect heat settings.

A probe clipped to the grate will give you a temperature 50 degrees lower than the dome temperature.

Where’s the Best Place To Insert a Thermometer in a Brisket?

The middle of a brisket is the best area to put a thermometer probe. The thickest section of the brisket is in the middle.

For optimal results, place your thermometer horizontally and at an angle across the grain.

Do Chefs Use Meat Thermometers?

Chefs, of course, utilize meat thermometers. They will almost certainly urge you to get a thermometer as well. Thermometers guarantee that food, particularly meat, is safe to consume.

How Far Should You Insert a Thermometer Into Meat?

2-inch into the flesh.Most thermometers recommend inserting the probe 1

If your incision is thicker than 1 inch, you may wish to put the probe further until it reaches the center.

What Happens When a Meat Thermometer Touches the Bone?

When flesh comes into touch with the bone, the artificial temperature rises. The temperature differential might be as big as ten degrees.

This might mean the difference between a wet and a dry piece of meat.

Inserting the probe into the densest section of the flesh, on the other hand, provides an exact temperature. At all costs, avoid striking the bone.

What Is the Difference Between a Meat Thermometer and a Food Thermometer?

The main distinction between food and meat thermometers is that a meat thermometer is put into the joint of entire meats.

Meat thermometers may be put into the thickest portion of a brisket or steak as well. Meat thermometers are kept in the meat until the cooking process is complete.

Is the Bone’s Temperature Hotter or Colder?

It all depends on the kind of meat you’re cooking. The bone, for example, is usually the coolest portion of a steak.

A bone-in pork shoulder, on the other hand, will be hotter because the bone functions as a heat conductor, drawing heat into the flesh.

As a result, never take a temperature near the bone.

Are Smoker Thermometers Worth It?

Meat thermometers are well worth the investment. Even if you don’t like grilling, a thermometer is an essential kitchen tool.

Not only are thermometers simple to use, but they also assist you serve safe food. Nobody wants to acquire a food-borne sickness.

Why Should I Purchase a Smoker Thermometer?

You should get a smoker thermometer as soon as you have your smoker.

In fact, as you create a list of key smoker characteristics, you should simultaneously create a list of necessary thermometer features.

You will be able to buy both things at the same time.

Built-in thermometers are not only inexpensive, but also incorrect. Furthermore, built-in temperature gauges only monitor the temperature of the air inside the machine, not the temperature of the meat.

While some may advise you not to buy a smoker, poking, probing, or staring at a piece of meat with a thermometer will not tell you whether it is done.

A thermometer can only tell you when the meat is done. It will also help you avoid overcooking or undercooking the meat.

Smoker thermometers, particularly digital thermometers, can quickly offer you with a precise temperature.

Will a Smoker Thermometer Make My Meat Dry?

No, a smoker thermometer will not dry out your meat.

Meat contains around 75% water. While placing a probe into the flesh, a little quantity of liquid escapes.

Final Thoughts

If you do not have a smother thermometer, you are probably engaged in unsafe conduct. Smoker thermometers are just as important as the meat itself.

Smoker thermometers will assist you in serving food that is safe, precisely cooked, moist, and tasty. They are as crucial as the point of resistance.

Modern smoker thermometers are also fantastic grilling tools!

Smoker thermometers make the smoking process simple, whether you are a newbie, an at-home cook, or an expert. Have fun smoking!


What meat thermometer do pitmasters use?

Thermapen Mk4 Thermocouple Cooking Thermometer is of the highest professional quality. Thermapen MK4 instant-read thermometer is popular among chefs and pitmasters because it is quick, accurate, and easy to use. Thermapen can read very high temperatures immediately, making it ideal for spot inspections and even deep frying.

What kind of thermometer do you use in a smoker?

What Is the Best Thermometer for a Smoker? A probe thermometer is a good option for extended cooking and large pieces in the smoker (think pork butt or turkey).

How accurate are smoker thermometers?

Hood-mounted grill thermometers are often accurate, but it’s crucial to remember that they’re not intended to detect the temperature of your cooking surface.

What thermometer do chefs use?

Because of its fold-out to power-on feature, our testers found the Thermapen One to be highly accurate, rapid, and simple to use. It should come as no surprise that many expert cooks use this thermometer.

What meat thermometer does Ina Garten use?

Precision Oven Thermometer Taylor

“I use it often.

Do pro chefs use meat thermometer?

You may have seen Claire on Bon Appetit’s “Gourmet Makes” using a Thermapen Mk4 to create caramel, or Alton Brown on Good Eats using one to check the temperature of his meats. Because skilled chefs rely on the Thermapen Mk4 for precise precision and consistency in the kitchen.

What are the best smoker temps?

Temperature Regulation

Meat smoking works best at temperatures ranging from 200 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. To be safe, most meats should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F and poultry to 165°F. However, for very tender BBQ, the ultimate temperature should be approximately 180 degrees.

Where is the best place to put a thermometer in a smoker?

Inside a smoker or grill, the temperature is generally greater towards the top. A thermometer installed there will provide an incorrect reading of the temperature. What exactly is this? Mount the thermometer on the side, a few inches above the grate and at the same level as the meal, for the most accurate temperature reading.

What smoker has the best temp control?

2.1 Drive for FireBoard 2 with Blower.
Thermoworks Signals with Billows.
Flame Boss 500 is 2.3.
BBQGuru UltraQ is rated 2.4 out of 5 stars.
Flame Boss 400 Wi-Fi Smoker Controller (2.5).
Pitmaster IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit is 2.6.
Temperature Controller for 2.7 SMOBOT WiFi Kamado Grill and Smoker.
BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3 (2.8).

What is the most accurate thermometer?

The greatest thermometers, according to Healthline
CHOOSEEN 8-in-1 Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer.
Vicks ComfortFlex Thermometer. Braun Thermoscan 7.
Temporal Artery Thermometer by Exergen.
Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer by iProven.
Kinsa Intelligent Thermometer.
Thermometer iHealth PT3.
Thermometer Vicks SpeedRead V912US.

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