The 12 Best Smoked Chicken Wings Recipes

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Smoked chicken wings are very delectable. They are a BBQ classic that is simple to prepare and can serve a large group of people.

But one thing is required to smoke chicken wings: a recipe. Not all recipes are the same. Some recipes promise to be the finest, but in reality, they are the worst.

That is why we have produced a list of the top 12 smoked chicken recipes. This collection includes basic traditional recipes, spicy but sweet chicken wing recipes, and much more.

The Best Smoked Chicken Wings Recipes

1. Traeger Smoked Chicken Wings

Look no farther than these Traeger smoked wings for a quick, basic recipe for smoked chicken wings.

This smoked chicken dish is so simple that even a fool could make it. Party wings are smoked till tender after being coated in olive oil and a special BBQ spice.

It doesnt get any simpler than this.

2. Parmesan Ranch Smoked Chicken Wings

Raw chicken wings are seasoned with a chicken rub and ranch parmesan flavor until they have developed a lovely color.

The parmesan ranch sauce offers a salty, cheesy taste, while the chicken rub adds a traditional BBQ flavor.

The only thing that could improve these parmesan ranch smoked chicken wings is additional ranch dressing on top.

3. Pumpkin Spice Chicken Wings

The idea of pumpkin spice chicken wings seems weird. But don’t dismiss these pumpkin spice chicken wings until you’ve tried them.

The wings are smoked after being mixed with paprika, pumpkin spice, salt, mustard powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and chipotle powder.

They are then coated in a buffalo hot sauce that has been spiced with extra pumpkin spice, brown sugar, and roasted pumpkin seeds to make smoked chicken wings with pumpkin spice taste.

These pumpkin spice chicken wings will quickly become your favorite dish.

4. Dry-Rubbed Smoked Chicken Wings

If you’re going to smoke chicken wings, you’ll need a dry rub. It is the source of the majority of the taste in the wings.

This simple dry rub contains paprika, salt, pepper, oregano, and cayenne pepper. It adds a typical BBQ taste to these smoked chicken wings.

However, this rub may also be used to season chicken thighs, chicken breast, or other kinds of meat.

5. Sweet Heat Smoked Chicken Wings

If you appreciate spicy and sweet tastes, these chicken wings are screaming your name. The wings are spiced with habanero peppers and sweetened with brown sugar.

The wings are smoked for two hours to absorb as much smoky flavor as possible. To produce crispy skin, broil the wings in an air fryer or shallow fry them in oil.

Overall, these chicken wings will light your taste senses on fire.

6. Lemon Pepper Smoked Chicken Wings

Lemon pepper chicken wings are tasty, but smoked lemon pepper chicken wings are out of this world.

The wings are seasoned with lemon pepper and smoked until done.

You may consume the wings right away after removing them from the smoker, or you can crisp up the skin by shallow frying them.

When you place these chicken wings in your mouth, there will be an explosion of lemon pepper flavor.

7. Honey Chili Oil Chicken Wings

Following that is another sweet yet spicy treat. Chicken wings are smeared with mustard before being covered in a unique seasoning made with Gochugaru Flakes and smoked.

Gochugaru Flakes are sun-dried red pepper flakes from Korea.

The chicken wings are fried till crispy and then coated with a honey chili sauce, which gives the wings a delicious flavor.

8. Applewood Smoked Chicken Wings

Sometimes bare wings are preferable. There is no barbecue sauce to mask the natural taste of the wings.

These applewood-smoked wings are outstanding. The fact that these wings have been brined for 8 hours gives them a lot of moisture.

The applewood’s smokey, delicate fruity sweet taste is an added bonus.

9. Bourbon BBQ Smoked Chicken Wings

Bourbon and smoked chicken wings go together. It’s the ideal mature take on a traditional meal.

The wings are smoked with hickory wood after being covered with a sweet and spicy chicken seasoning.

The chicken is then coated with a boozy bourbon sauce, which elevates the taste to new heights.

10. Fireball Whiskey Chicken Wings

Another wonderful smoked wing recipe for grownups is these fireball whiskey chicken wings. The wings are smoked after being tossed with a tablespoon of fireball whiskey and a BBQ spice.

A sticky, sweet, and alcoholic fireball whiskey sauce coats the wings. Overall, the smokey and whiskey flavors will take you away to chicken wing nirvana.

Best of all, there is an oven version of the recipe, so you can create fireball whiskey chicken wings even if you don’t have a smoker.

11. Smoked Paprika Chicken Wings

Paprika is a flavorful ingredient that is sometimes overlooked. For added taste, the wings are sprinkled with both ordinary and smoked paprika.

This smoked paprika chicken wings recipe is simple and straightforward, making it ideal for novices. The wings will be smokey, tasty, and bursting with paprika flavor.

12. Smoked Double Fried Wings

What person does not like fried or smoked chicken wings? This is the best recipe for smoked and fried chicken.

The wings are cooked twice, resulting in the crispiest skin.

The chicken wings are smoked first, then fried. The wings are mixed with buffalo sauce and cooked twice after the initial fry.

More buffalo sauce is applied to the wings, resulting in spicy, smoky, and tasty chicken.


What is the best temperature to smoke chicken wings?

Temperature Controls

Maintain a temperature as near to 225°F as feasible. If you’re using a manual smoker or gas grill (rather than Traeger smoked chicken wings), maintain the temperature between 225°F and 250°F.

How long does it take to smoke chicken wings at 225?

How Long Does Smoking Chicken Wings Take? It will take roughly an hour to achieve 165 °F, the safe interior temperature for wings, if you smoke them at 225 degrees. However, the size of the wings might vary.

How long do you smoke chicken wings for?

Smoking chicken wings at 250 degrees F takes around 2 hours. To ensure that your chicken is done, use a thermometer to check the interior temperature. When a thermometer put into the thickest section of the chicken reaches 165 degrees F, it is done.

Should I smoke wings at 225 or 250?

The recommended smoking temperature is roughly 225°F. With this recipe, don’t allow the smoker’s internal temperature get over 250°F. Place the chicken wings on the grill on high for 2-3 minutes to crisp them up.

Should you flip wings when smoking?

Is it necessary to flip wings while smoking? No, you don’t need to turn the wings while they’re smoking, particularly because they’re only going to be smoking for 30 minutes over indirect heat.

Do you sauce wings before or after smoking?

Simply throw them in a small dish with your preferred sauce and toss to coat evenly. I strongly advise you to consume a smoked wing BEFORE you apply the sauce. You could find yourself wanting to eat them simply. This is because they’re fantastic with just the smoke.

Do you spritz chicken wings when smoking?

The most crucial reason to spray your meat is to keep it moist. Smoking is a dry procedure, therefore it’s vital to replenish some of the moisture lost. Spritzing will keep your meats moist and tender while also allowing them to cook more evenly.

Do you need a water pan when smoking chicken wings?

HOT TIP – Adding moisture to the smoke chamber with a water pan is optional, although it might cause condensation beneath the smoker top. Adding spices, beer, or wine to the water pan may offer an extra layer of flavor to your dish. Discard the wing tips and divide the wings into flappers and drumettes.

Can you overcook wings on a smoker?

It should take around 90 minutes to smoke your wings until they reach an internal temperature of 165°F. What’s the deal with my rubbery smoked wings? If the heat is too low or the wings are overdone, they might turn rubbery.

Why are my smoked wings rubbery?

The optimal temperature for cooking chicken is between 275°F and 320°F (135°C and 160°C). As you lower the temperature below this point, the skin will become rubbery. The chicken fat must be cooked into the flesh, which cannot happen when the temperature is really low.

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