How Long to Smoke a Whole Chicken at 250

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Smoked chicken is both tasty and addictive. However, you must smoke it for the appropriate amount of time.

If you don’t, your chicken will be dry and tough. That is why, depending on the size of the chicken, you should smoke it at 250°F for 1 hour and 45 minutes to 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Is It Better to Smoke a Whole Chicken at 225 or 250?

Depending on who you ask. In the BBQ world, smoking temperatures will always be hotly discussed. Experts believe that the optimal temps for smoking chicken are between 225F and 250F.

If you smoke it at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the chicken will cook slowly and tenderly, resulting in soft, juicy flesh.In contrast, if you smoke the chicken at 275 degrees Fahrenheit, it will remain soft and juicy.However, it will cook considerably quicker.

What Size Chicken to Smoke?

Several variables influence the optimal size chicken to smoke. The amount of the chicken you purchase is determined by the kind of smoker you want to use and the number of people you intend to serve.

If you are simply serving a small group of people, you may purchase a smaller chicken. If you want to feed a big group, you will need a larger bird.

It is advisable to get a medium-sized bird. A huge entire chicken should not be smoked. The skin of the chicken is more likely to cook before the inside, resulting in tough, dry flesh.

If you’re serving a big group, you can cook 2-3 smaller birds.The birds will be done about the same time, with soft and juicy flesh.

How Do You Keep Smoked Chicken Moist

To keep the chicken moist, brine it.You may brine your chicken either wet or dry.

Submerge your chicken in a mix of salt, sugar, and water to wet brine it. Garlic, rosemary, thyme, lemon, and peppercorns may be added to the brine.

You may also boil the brine to concentrate it. Do not, however, immerse the bird in the boiling brine. The brine will begin to cook the chicken, posing a food safety issue.

Allow the brine to cool fully before adding the chicken. Alternatively, you may speed up the chilling process by adding ice cubes and cold water to the brine.

After adding the chicken to the brine, store it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.Before seasoning the chicken, rinse it with cold water to remove part of the salt.

You may, however, dry brine the chicken. Dry brining chicken is much less difficult than wet brining. Mix together salt, sugar, and spices such as paprika.

Coat the chicken with olive oil and season with the dry rub. Place the chicken on a wire rack positioned over a baking sheet and brush the dry rub all over it.

Place the chicken in the refrigerator, uncovered. Allow it to brine for at least 8 hours or overnight.

How Do You Crisp Chicken in a Smoker

Everyone like crunchy chicken skin. Unfortunately, since the chicken is cooked at a low temperature, you won’t obtain crispy skin.

However, you may crisp up the skin by increasing the smoker’s temperature to 350F at the end of the cooking period.

Broiling the chicken is another option. Place the chicken on a baking pan and bake for 20 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Place the smoked chicken in the oven. Broil for 1-2 minutes, or until the skin crisps.

Do not walk away from the bird after it has been placed in the broiler.The chicken may quickly burn.

What’s the Best Wood for Smoking Chicken?

Every kind of wood is incompatible with chicken. The taste of chicken is moderate.

Strong-flavored woods, such as mesquite, might dominate the taste of the chicken.Applewood is an excellent complement to chicken. It adds a light fruity taste that complements the meat.

Cherry or maple wood may also be used. These woods will also provide a slight sweet taste to the chicken.

Hickory wood may also be used to smoke poultry. It will provide a rich BBQ taste to the chicken.

When Is Smoked Chicken Done?

When the temperature of the smoked chicken reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, it is done. You may, however, smoke the chicken until it reaches a temperature of 160F. Until the chicken rests, its internal temperature will climb to 165°F.

To check the temperature of the hens, use a separate smoker thermometer. Although your smoker contains an in-built thermometer, it does not monitor the interior temperature of the chicken. It just monitors the smoker’s ambient temperature.

How Long to Smoke a Whole Chicken at 250

The length of time it takes to smoke a whole chicken depends on its size.Smoking chicken at 250F takes around 35-40 minutes per pound.

However, the temperature, not the cooking time, should always be used. The cooking time may be unpredictable, but it is trustworthy and will tell you when to remove the meat from the smoker.

How Long to Smoke a 3-Pound Chicken at 250

A 3-pound chicken will take an hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours to smoke. Remember that the chicken may require less time to cook, so keep an eye on its temperature.

How Long to Smoke a 4 Pound Chicken at 250

A 4-pound chicken takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes to 2 hours and 40 minutes to smoke.Check the temperature of the chicken midway through the smoking process and remove it from the smoker when it reaches the desired temperature.

How Long to Smoke a 5 Pound Chicken at 250

The size of the chicken dictates how long it takes to smoke. A 5-pound chicken will smoke in 3-3 hours and 15 minutes.

How Long to Smoke a 6 Pound Chicken at 250

Cooking time @ 250F: 2 to 4 hours. Check the temperature of the chicken midway through the cooking procedure to ensure it does not overcook.It takes roughly 3 12 hours to cook a 6-pound chicken.

How Long to Smoke a 8 Pound Chicken at 250

Smoking a chicken at 250F takes 2 to 5 hours and 20 minutes. Remember that timing may be erratic, so take the interior temperature of the chicken before removing it from the smoker.It requires four and one.

Final Thoughts 

Smoked chicken is quite tasty, particularly if you know how long to smoke it.


How long to smoke a 5 lb chicken at 250?

pound.Temperature in the smoker: 250°F. 30 to 45 minutes of smoking

Is it better to smoke a chicken at 225 or 250?

The ideal temperature for smoking chicken is about 225 degrees. To ensure uniform cooking, preheat your smoker.

How long to smoke a 5 lb chicken at 225?

2 to 3 hours at 225 to 250 degrees F for a 5 pound chicken. The smoke time for a 5 pound chicken at 225 to 250 degrees F will be around 5 hours.Cooking time should be about 2 1

How long to smoke a 8 pound chicken at 250?

A entire chicken takes around 3-5 hours to smoke, or 45 minutes per pound at 250 degrees F.

Is it safe to smoke chicken at 250?

Place the chicken on the smoker to smoke. Close the pellet grill cover and cook the chicken at 250°F for approximately 3 hours, or until it reaches 165°F. Rest for 5-10 minutes and then enjoy!

What temperature do you smoke chicken for 3 hours?

A whole chicken takes around 2.5-3 hours to thoroughly smoke at 275 degrees F. The ultimate internal temperature of the breast should be between 160-165 degrees F, and the final internal temperature of the thighs should be between 170-175 degrees F.

Can you overcook chicken in a smoker?

90 C. While it is impossible to overcook chicken, if the internal temperature rises too high, the flesh will dry up soon.85 degrees Celsius and the thighs reach 195 degrees Celsius120 degrees Celsius till the temperature in the middle of the chicken breast reaches around 185 degrees CelsiusChicken Preparation and Smoking

Smoke at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you keep chicken moist when smoking?

The secret to moist, supple, and juicy smoked chicken breasts is to cook them at a low temperature for an extended length of time. When it comes to smoking meat, the phrase “low and slow” is crucial. Keep the temperature as near to 225°F as feasible, but no higher than 250°F.

Should I wrap chicken in foil when smoking?

You don’t wrap smoked chicken in foil. Once cooked and taken from the smoker, cover the meat in foil and set aside for 20 minutes to rest. This causes the liquids in the chicken to redistribute, making it more delicious.

Should I flip chicken when smoking?

No, since the smoke and heat surround the chicken (unlike grilled chicken breast, which has the heat source immediately underneath it), you do not need to turn them while smoking.

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