How Long Does Pumpkin Pie Keep in the Refrigerator?

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For most folks, Thanksgiving is incomplete without pumpkin pie. You may cook the pumpkin pie a few days ahead of time to accommodate this request.

Although baking the pumpkin pie ahead of time would certainly lessen the strain on the big day, how long will pumpkin pie remain in the fridge?

Do I Need to Refrigerate Pumpkin Pie

I know what you’re thinking: should I chill the pumpkin pie? Indeed, pumpkin pie must be refrigerated.

All pies cooked with eggs should be refrigerated once they have cooled, according to the USDA.

As a result, pumpkin pie must be refrigerated. It makes no difference whether you bake your own pumpkin pie or purchase one from the shop.

How Long Can Pumpkin Pie Last on the Counter?

Have you ever gone shopping in the autumn and seen how the pies are kept at room temperature?

Pumpkin pie, contrary to common perception, will not remain long on the counter.

Yes, you may keep store-bought pumpkin pie at room temperature.

But, it is laden with preservatives, allowing them to stay at room temperature for extended periods of time.

Yet, pumpkin pie should always be kept in the refrigerator.

Fruit pies, such as apple pie, are less forgiving than pumpkin pie.

After 3 hours, the pumpkin pie will begin to deteriorate. This is due to the fact that the pie is created with eggs and milk.

Additionally, pumpkin pie cannot be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

The temperature risk zone extends to pumpkin pie as well.

Bacteria will multiply fast if the pumpkin pie is left at a temperature between 40F and 140F. (room temperature).

As a result, you should never leave pumpkin pie on the counter.

Can You Freeze Pumpkin Pie?

You can freeze and reheat apple pie in the same manner that you can freeze and reheat pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie, in fact, freezes nicely.

Wrap the pumpkin pie in heavy-duty aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

You can also freeze the pumpkin pie in a ziplock bag or vacuum seal it.

How to Reheat Pumpkin Pie

Although you could eat cold or frozen pumpkin pie, why would you when you could quickly reheat pumpkin pie?

The best method to reheat pumpkin pie is in the oven.

Preheat your oven to 300°F. If you refrigerated your pumpkin pie, take it from the fridge and discard any plastic wrap.

Place the pumpkin pie on a cookie sheet and wrap it in aluminum foil. Bake the pumpkin pie for 10 minutes, or until it is warm.

Preheat the oven to 350°F to reheat frozen pumpkin pie.

Place the pumpkin pie on a cookie sheet after removing it from the baking dish.

Bake the pumpkin pie for 30 minutes, or until it is well warm.

Pumpkin pie may also be reheated in the microwave. That is the quickest method for reheating pumpkin pie.

But be aware that the microwave is infamous for drying out food, so keep an eye on your pumpkin pie.

Also, the pie crust will not be as flaky as it was when the pumpkin pie was originally cooked.

Place 1 slice of pumpkin pie on a microwave-safe dish to reheat in the microwave.

Cook the pumpkin pie for 30 seconds, or until it reaches your preferred temperature.

If the pumpkin pie isn’t warm enough, cook it in 10-second increments until it’s just right.

How Long Does Pumpkin Pie Last in the Fridge

Pumpkin pie, as previously said, must be kept in the refrigerator.

It is a very perishable food, but as long as it is not exposed to air and is properly preserved, it will keep in the fridge for a few days.

Pumpkin pie may be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Some people advocate preserving cooked fish in the refrigerator for 7 days, while others prefer storing pumpkin pie in the refrigerator for 5-6 days.

Although you may store pumpkin pie in the refrigerator for up to four days, I do not advocate keeping pumpkin pie in the refrigerator for any longer.

After 4 days, the quality of the pumpkin pies will begin to deteriorate.

How Long Does Pumpkin Pie Last in the Freezer?

The easiest method to preserve pumpkin pie for longer than 4 days is to freeze it.

Even if your pumpkin pie has been in the fridge for four days, you can still freeze it on day four.

Cover the pumpkin pie securely with plastic wrap and place it in a freezer bag to prevent the pastry from being freezer burnt.

While pumpkin pie may be stored forever, it is better to consume it within 2 months.

If you wait any longer, the texture of the pumpkin pie will alter.

How To Tell if Pumpkin Pie Is Bad

Nobody likes to eat a rotting pumpkin pie, therefore it’s critical to determine whether it’s spoilt.

It will also protect you from getting food poisoning.

Bacteria in pumpkin pie may cause illness.

Since we cannot see microorganisms with our eyes, you must store your pumpkin pie within 2 hours.

The pumpkin filling will be the first to deteriorate. Mold will grow on the filling of pumpkin pies.

If there are any symptoms of mold, discard the pumpkin pie right away.

If the pumpkin pie was purchased from a store, it should contain an expiry date.

It may be referred to as the best-by, use-by, or sell-by date. If any of these dates have past, do not eat the pumpkin pie.

Finally, if your pumpkin pie smells bad, don’t eat it.

Final Thoughts

Pumpkin pie is a delectably decadent dish. That will, however, not persist forever.

This is why you should know how long pumpkin pie keeps in the refrigerator.

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Can I eat 7 day old pumpkin pie?

This is NOT a date for food safety! Once purchased (by the sell-by date, of course), a pumpkin pie should be good for 3-4 days if kept refrigerated at 40°F or colder, according to FDA rules.

Can I eat pumpkin pie after 5 days?

According to the USDA, pumpkin pie may be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. Certain shop-bought pumpkin pies may include preservatives that may influence this, but in general, handmade pumpkin pies or those prepared fresh at a bakery or store will adhere to this general norm.

Can I eat 8 day old pumpkin pie?

Many of those baked in-store or mass-produced include preservatives, allowing them to sit at room temperature without spoiling. Your handmade pumpkin pie will keep in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. Following that, trash it or freeze it for up to 2 months.

How do you keep pumpkin pie fresh for a week?

Homemade pumpkin pie can keep in the fridge for up to four days if covered loosely in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Like with other things, the quality steadily deteriorates with time, but a well wrapped pie will taste freshly baked even after two days in the refrigerator.

Is pumpkin pie good after 2 weeks?

If the pumpkin pie was at room temperature when you bought it, you may keep it on your counter until the sell-by date. On general, store-bought pies keep in the refrigerator for two to four days after the printed date and in the freezer for six to nine months.

How can you tell when pumpkin pie goes bad?

Check the fragrance and sight of your pumpkin pie to see whether it has gone rotten. If you see any mold, which will most likely appear on the filling, throw it out. The same is true if it emits a “funny” or odd scent instead of the typical sweet and pumpkin-like aroma.

Can I eat pumpkin pie after 6 days?

Freshly cooked pumpkin pie can keep in the fridge for 3 to 4 days if covered loosely with aluminum foil or plastic wrap. While pumpkin pie is excellent cold, you may serve it right away (with plenty of whipped cream, if you please).

Is pie good after 6 days?

Fruit pies should be refrigerated at room temperature and consumed within two days after purchase. They may, however, be refrigerated for up to 5 days. Custard pies (for example, Sweet Potato Coconut, Cardamom Tahini Squash, or Apple Butter Custard) should be consumed within 2 days after purchase if kept at room temperature.

Can I eat pie a week later?

Pies containing eggs and dairy (such as pumpkin, mousse, and custard pies) should be refrigerated immediately after cooling. They’ll be good for two days. Certain pies, such as pecan, pumpkin, and fruit pies, may also be frozen (as long as they’re tightly wrapped to avoid freezer burn).

Can you eat pie after a week in the fridge?

Pies made with dairy may be kept in the fridge for up to four days. Pie dough may be refrigerated for two to three days or frozen for up to three months. Apple and other fruit pies may be stored at room temperature for up to two days, then refrigerated for another two. Pumpkin, custard, or other egg-based dessert

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