43 Bbq Statistics, Trends, and Facts [2023]

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Barbecue is a popular summertime pastime all across the globe.

It has become a household staple in the United States, and there is a wealth of statistics to support this habit.

Here are some of the most interesting BBQ statistics and facts, ranging from companies to customers to forthcoming trends.


Bbq Stats Highlights

  • The value of the barbecue grill market is growing
  • By the end of 2022, the global market revenue for grills and roasters is expected to exceed $7 billion USD.
  • Middleby Corporation LLC had the greatest share of the barbecue and grill market in 2021, accounting for 19.62%.
  • South America’s barbecue and grill industry is expanding rapidly, with a 4% CAGR from 2020 to 2025.
  • In the United States, 7 out of every 10 people possess a grill or roaster.
  • 75% of barbecue owners in the United States like grilling in the winter as well.
  • The most popular BBQ holiday is the Fourth of July, followed by Memorial Day and Labor Day.
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Bbq Overview

Barbecuing has had a societal influence for decades, virtually becoming a part of culture in many parts of the globe, from Korea to the United States.

Let’s look at some basic statistics regarding grilling to have a better understanding of this practice.

Steak Is the Most Popular Grilled Food in the US

(Source: Statista)

Over a third of individuals in the United States favor grilled beef steak. Steak is the favorite grilled dish for 34% of Americans, while hamburgers are preferred by 19%.

Grilled chicken aficionados account for 18%, while rib fans account for 11%.

Bratwurst (6%), hot dogs (5%), pineapple (4%), and pork chops (3% are also popular.

Meat Is the Most Popular Food to Barbecue

(Source: Statista)

It should come as no surprise that meat is the most popular choice for grilling meals. 88% of US barbecue users said they typically grill meat, especially steaks.

Burgers are preferred by 86% of respondents, hot dogs by 77%, and sausages by 53%.

50% of customers like to grill veggies, while 27% prefer to grill fish and shellfish. This demonstrates that, although meat lovers triumph, there is still lots of variety in what Americans like grilling.

A1 Is the Most Popular Bbq Sauce

(Source: NHCS)

spice sauces, but one in particular regularly comes out on top.There are several barbecue and marinade brands available.

A1 is presently the most popular brand, with over 89.47 million Americans preferring it in 2020.

The groundbreaking A1 is followed by Sweet Baby Rays, which is chosen by 84.73 million Americans, and Heinz, which is preferred by 67.79 million. Other popular condiments include Tabasco (39.5 million), Franks Red Hot (38.83 million), and Kikkoman (38.74 million).

There Was a Huge Boost in Sales in June 2020

(Source: Statista)

Following a 15% and 17% drop in sales growth in March and April 2020, respectively, the response to the epidemic rebounded by June of that year.

Sales increased by 23% that month, indicating that people were eager to purchase the instant businesses reopened after the closure.

Other variables that contributed to this surge in sales were an increase in time spent at home and the coming of summer.

Barbecue was a great chance to reconnect in the fresh air.

Hearth Products Lead in Gross Revenue

(Source: Statista)

Barbecue stores are divided into numerous categories, with some leading the way in terms of sales. Hearth items accounted for 52% of total gross income, while grills accounted for 16%.

Patio furniture accounted for 6% of total gross income, while other categories accounted for 26%.

Canada Is the Leading Destination for Barbecues, Grills, and Stoves

(Source: Statista)

The US exports a lot of grills, stoves, and cookers. With 228,647 USD in export value, Canada is the biggest destination for these exports. Mexico comes in second with 35,573 USD, followed by Australia with 31,302.

This demonstrates that Canada and the United States have a solid connection and that kitchen equipment from the United States are highly valued. It also demonstrates that the export market for these items is lucrative.

Half of Bbq Grill Owners Have Accessories

(Source: Did You Know Homes)

The majority of BBQ grill proprietors take their craft extremely seriously. Half of them have been proven to invest in at least basic grilling gear.

Tongs, gloves, meat thermometers, and cleaning brushes are examples of grilling utensils, although there are many more.

This demonstrates that grill owners appreciate the pastime enough to continue spending on accessories to make it easier.

Sales Are Surging at 2.8%

(Source: New York Post)

Grilling enthusiasts routinely invest in grilling equipment.

Every year, sales increase by 2.8%, and this rate is predicted to stay steady over time.

Barbecuing has become such a social institution that it remains a viable investment and a strong business segment.

The European Market Is Enjoying Increased Revenue

(Source: All the Research)

Following a few years of revenue decline, the European barbecue market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 15.9% from 2019 to 2026.

While these were pre-pandemic estimates, the European market has remained very steady since 2020 for the same reasons that the US market has.

People adore grilled food, and barbecue is a terrific opportunity to mingle outside in the fresh air.

People Love Bbq for the Flavor

(Source: HPBA)

While there are several reasons to enjoy barbeque, 72% of customers prefer it for the taste it adds to meals.

52% are interested in the lifestyle component, while 40% are interested in the entertainment aspect. 33% do it for convenience, and 18% do it for the better lifestyle that grilled food provides.

Bbq Consumer Stats

Consumers have a significant role in the success of barbecues. The popularity of this pastime among people from all over the globe ensures that barbecue equipment generates a consistent income.

Here are some crucial data concerning customer behavior in the BBQ industry.

Good Weather Is the Ideal Occasion for Bbq

(Source: Statista)

In the United States, 74% of customers say the best time to enjoy a barbeque is when the weather is nice, regardless of the season.

68% indicated the optimal time for a BBQ is whenever they feel like it, while 67% said they like to do it largely on holidays.

66% think family gatherings are the best time for a BBQ, while 57% think it’s great for seeing friends or relatives and 51% think it’s great for birthdays.

This demonstrates that individuals like grilling on a variety of occasions and for a variety of reasons, independent of season or even weather.

It isn’t only for certain events or periods of the year.

The 4th of July Is the Most Popular Holiday for Bbq

(Source: Statista)

Holidays are ideal for grilling. Unsurprisingly, the Fourth of July is the most popular holiday for barbecues in the United States, with 68% of Americans grilling on that day. Memorial Day, commemorated on the final Monday of May, comes in second with a 56% share.

Other popular holidays are Labor Day (56%), which is observed in September, and Father’s Day, which is observed in June. Mother’s Day, which is traditionally celebrated at the beginning of May, has a 29% share.

Beef Is Favored by Consumers for All Holidays

(Source: Statista)

From May through September, there are four important holidays in the United States that coincide with the greatest barbecue season.

It is hardly unexpected that beef plays prominently throughout these holidays, given its popularity among barbecue enthusiasts.

On July 4th, beef is the clear winner, accounting for 82% of the grilled food market. Ground beef accounts for 50% of the total, with beef steak accounting for 32%.

Beef is used 72% of the time on Memorial Day, including 43% ground beef and 29% beef steak. Father’s Day is the holiday when beef steak outnumbers ground beef, 36% to 30%.

July Is the Favorite Month for Bbqs

(Source: Statista)

In the United States, 55% of individuals like to BBQ in July. This is the month featuring the most important summer holiday, the Fourth of July, as well as some of the season’s warmest temperatures.

With 51% of participants, June is the second most popular month for barbecue.

August, September, and May are next, although 34% of participants said they like grilling regardless of the month.

This demonstrates that the summer months are the most popular for grilling, but it is an activity that at least one-third of Americans enjoy at all times.

Many Consumers Associate Bbq With Summer

(Source: Statista)

Summers, according to 71% of research participants, do not feel as summery without barbecues.

This emphasizes the social and cultural significance of grilling, particularly in the United States.

While barbecue is a popular pastime all year, summer is unquestionably its peak season.

It seems difficult to go through the summer without grilling at least once. 41% thought it would be a fantastic idea to grill every day of the summer.

Many Consider Barbecuing a Social Event

(Source: Statista)

In the United States, 59% of individuals who barbecue consider it a social event that extends well beyond merely cooking grilled meals.

It is a day-long event that draws people together for a portion of the day, making it an excellent opportunity to interact at any time of year.

This demonstrates that it is not simply the food that makes barbecue popular, but also everything else that goes into it.

Consumers Love Grilling for the Super Bowl

(Source: HPBA)

Despite being in the second week of February, Super Bowl Sunday is another great occasion for a BBQ. Regardless of the weather, 23% of barbecue buyers barbeque on Super Bowl Sunday.

Even if weather necessitates dining inside, this event gets out the grill and demonstrates how popular grilling is all year.

1 in 10 Have a Full Outdoor Kitchen

(Source: HPBA)

Many BBQ enthusiasts take their hobby quite seriously. One in every ten barbecue owners has a complete outdoor kitchen in addition to their grill or roaster.

No of the season, 56% of them say they use this kitchen at least once a week.

This demonstrates that individuals are committed to having a BBQ and to constructing a useable area around it, making it even simpler to enjoy the activity at any time.

Bbq Trends

The Value of the Bbq Grill Market Is Growing

(Source: Statista)

The barbecue grill market was worth 5.1 billion USD in 2019. This statistic has been on an increasing trend since then, and it is projected to continue.

The value in 2020 was 5.73 billion USD, rising to 6.43 billion USD in 2021.

The global value of the barbecue grill market is predicted to reach 7.22 billion USD in 2022, then rise to 8.1 billion USD in 2023.

This indicates that the market will continue to be lucrative in the near future and beyond.

Grill and Roaster Revenue Will Remain Stable

(Source: Statista)

Since 2012, the grill and roaster industry has been steadily growing. Due to the epidemic, even more individuals will invest in grills and roasters in 2020. This resulted in a record income of 5.78 billion USD.

This sum was exceeded in 2021, setting a new high: 6.23 billion USD in revenue.

While this is likely to fall somewhat by the end of 2022, with a projected revenue of $5.69 billion, the trend is expected to continue until 2026.

At that time, the grill and roaster industry is expected to see even another boost in income.

South America Is the Fastest Growing Region

(Source: Statista)

The barbecue and grill sector is rapidly expanding outside of its most popular North American location.

The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in South America is expected to remain at 8.4% through 2025. Since 2020, this has been the pattern.

Eastern Europe is expected to grow at a 7.3% annual rate through 2025, following in the footsteps of South America.

Africa and the Middle East come at second and third, with 6.6% and 5.9%, respectively.

The Value of the Bbq Grill Market in the US Is Growing

(Source: Statista)

Figures reveal that the barbeque grill market in the United States is continuing to grow.

While retail sales were anticipated to be 2.19 billion USD in 2015, they are expected to be 2.65 billion in 2020.

This value is likely to surpass the 3 billion USD mark in 2024 and to reach 3.28 billion USD in 2025.

This demonstrates that the barbeque grill industry is stable and will remain so in the next years.

Per Unit Prices Are Increasing

(Source: Statista)

While income in the grills and roasters industry is expected to rise further, per-unit costs are expected to rise significantly as well.

The price will stay about the same, but customers may notice the additional expenditure.

The pricing per unit in 2013 was roughly 51.03 USD. It will be 59.76 USD in 2022, and 62.26 USD by 2026.

A marginal rise that corresponds to the market’s predicted increasing trend in revenue.

Usage of Bbq and Marinades/Seasoning Sauces Set To Increase

(Source: Statista)

Barbecue enthusiasts recognize the usefulness of marinades and seasoning sauces in imparting the greatest taste to grilled meals.

While many individuals now use these sauces on a regular basis, this number is expected to rise.

It is anticipated that 274.33 million Americans will use BBQ sauces to improve the taste of their grilled meals by the end of 2022.

They will be used by 278.08 million Americans by the end of 2024. This demonstrates that sauces will continue to be an important aspect of barbecue.

Smoking and Plant-based Options Are the Current Bbq Trends

(Source: HPBA)

Despite the epidemic, smoking remains one of the most popular trends in the BBQ globe.

Consumer patterns remain consistent, with smokers leading the way when it comes to purchasing BBQ equipment.

In terms of meat substitutes, the BBQ industry is also beginning to diversify. This is consistent with the broader trend of choosing healthy diet.

While grilling is often a better option than frying, plant-based cooking is on the rise.

The emphasis is on high-quality farming, high-quality ingredients, and sustainability.

Regional Flavors Continue To Be Important

(Source: HPBA)

BBQ isn’t the same everywhere. There are distinct locations, but experts have begun to discover micro-regions that have a significant impact on the overall barbecue globe.

This may be observed not only in various grilling ways, but also in the increasingly popular sauces.

Memphis, Kansas, and Texas-style sauces have become fads in their own right, each bringing a unique taste character to barbecue.

Bbq Brands Stats

The barbeque industry is vast and multinational, yet certain names appear more often than others. Let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating and prominent barbeque players.

Middleby Corporation Is the Largest Worldwide Competitor

(Source: Statista)

Middleby Corporation is well-known in the commercial sector, but it also specialized in barbeque grills.

The Evo series, which comprises various cutting-edge grill styles and is produced in the United States, is the most well-known Middleby brand.

Middleby has a global market share of 19.62%. It outperforms Canadian brand Napoleon, which has a 16.08% market share.

Weber-Stephens Products has the third-largest market share with 14.73%, while famous BBQ brand Traeger has the fourth.

Blackstone Has the Highest Online Purchase Rate

(Source: Traqline)

While there are a few well-known consumer brands, Blackstone is the market leader in online sales.

It is the most popular option, with the greatest online purchase rate. This is a significant gain for Blackstone, particularly given its direct rivalry with industry behemoths.

Walmart Is the Top Choice When Buying In-store

(Source: Traqline)

When it comes to buying new barbeque equipment, 25% of customers go to Walmart first.

Home Depot comes in second with 22% of the vote, followed by Lowes with 20%. Amazon and Ace Hardware come in second and third, with 7% and 3%, respectively.

Weber and Char-broil Have Great Reputations

(Source: Traqline)

Some brands have a strong reputation in the BBQ market, with Weber and Char-Broil being two of the most well-known.

When it comes to barbecue equipment, these firms have established themselves as trustworthy leaders.

Gen X Prefers Walmart and Lowe’s

(Source: Traqline)

Gen X purchasers purchase BBQ equipment, and they have favorite retailers.

When it comes to acquiring barbecue-related accessories, Walmart and Lowes are the most popular options.

Gen X like these retailers because of their wide range of items and affordable costs.

Barbecue Consumers Love Traeger Pellets

(Source: HPBA)

Traeger manufactures some of the finest wood pellets for barbeque grills available. Customers like these pellets because of their established quality.

Flavored pellets are the current barbeque fad, and Traeger is the go-to brand.

Blackstone Had the Highest Unit Growth

(Source: Traqline)

Among the major brands in the United States, Blackstone is now having the biggest unit growth each year.

This demonstrates that it is a well-established brand that can compete.

Bbq Fuel Stats

There are various kinds of fuel for barbeque barbecues, and their popularity fluctuates. Here are some of the most fascinating facts regarding barbeque fuel.

Gas Is the Most Popular Choice

(Source: HPBA)

The most often used fuel for grilling is gas, primarily propane. It is preferred by 61% of customers, whereas charcoal or wood is preferred by 49%.

This is an increase in charcoal consumption from 45% in 2017.

Gas is a dependable option that has shown to be useful over many decades of barbecue. 10% of individuals use an electric grill, whereas 3% use a natural gas grill.

Double Fuel Grills Are Becoming Popular

(Source: HPBA)

The two fuel grill is the newest trend in the barbecue industry. This entails grilling with both clean gas and charcoal to obtain the best of both worlds.

Double fuel barbecues combine the convenience of gas with the unique taste of charcoal.

Gas Grills Will Remain at the Top

(Source: Statista)

Gas grills are expected to generate 1.53 billion USD in sales by the end of 2022, while charcoal grills will generate 1.03 billion USD.

Gas grills are estimated to sell for 1.73 billion USD in 2025, while charcoal grills are forecast to sell for 1.23 billion USD.

Electric grills are expected to reach 0.31 billion USD in 2025, up from 0.28 billion USD in 2022.

Pellet Grills Are the Most Practical To Run

(Source: YTrade)

While electric grills are the least expensive to use (about $.26 per usage), they lack taste when compared to the others.

Gas grills utilizing propane are the most costly to operate, costing $1.20 each use, but the true winner may seem to be an unusual one.

Pellet grills are the second cheapest to operate, costing $.76 each use, but they also produce tasty meals.

As a result, they are the most cost-effective and flavorful option.

Bbq Food and Usage Stats

Grilled food is one of the primary reasons for barbecue’s widespread appeal.

The taste and the feeling of camaraderie that gathers around these dinners are inextricably linked. Here are some barbeque food facts.

Steak Is the Top Choice

(Source: AllRecipes)

While 81% of barbecue enthusiasts like steak, there is one dish that also ranks high: garlic-marinated steaks.

This barbeque classic is an excellent complement to any grilling event, regardless of the season or occasion.

It’s also a terrific opportunity for barbecue chefs to demonstrate their knowledge of taste profiles and cooking methods.

The Majority of Barbecue Lovers Top Their Burgers With Lettuce

(Source: AllRecipes)

The great majority of participants, 75%, pick lettuce to top their grilled burgers. Sixty-eight percent prefer ketchup, while six-seven percent prefer tomatoes.

This demonstrates that many barbeque owners and enthusiasts choose the same popular selections that have been shown to be great.

Many Barbecue Owners Grill More Than Twice a Week

(Source: Statista)

On average, 75% of barbecue owners use their grill more than twice a week.

This demonstrates that individuals who invest in BBQ equipment will benefit greatly in the long run. It also allows for healthier cooking, even while eating a meat-heavy diet.

When it comes to cooking, the amazing taste profiles obtained by grilling meals make this choice a big popularity.

Steak Sales Are Increasing

(Source: Statista)

While steaks are a popular choice for grilling, sales have been steadily growing since 2020. The most preferred cut was top sirloin (36%), followed by ribeye (27%), flank (21%), and strip (20%).

Despite these evident preferences, all cuts of steak saw a rise in sales, with the exception of top round and chuck.

Barbecue Sauce Production Has a Stable Market Size

(Source: Statista)

Barbecue sauce manufacture in the United States has a sizable market. It had 1.86 billion USD in 2021, and this value is predicted to stay unchanged in 2022.

It has a market size of 1.82 billion USD in 2020, and 1.92 billion in 2019. This demonstrates that it has remained constant throughout time.

There Are Many Businesses in Barbecue Sauce Production

(Source: Statista)

The number of firms making barbecue sauce in the United States reflects its popularity. Currently, there are 244 businesses in the United States that produce barbecue sauce.

This is an increase from 239 in 2020, but a minor dip from the high of 248 in 2016.


How Popular Is Barbecue?

75% of Americans possess a barbecue or smoker outside. This demonstrates how popular barbecue is not just in the United States, but also in many other parts of the globe.

Why Is Barbecue So Popular?

Barbecue is so popular because it combines wonderful cuisine with the opportunity to spend time outdoors enjoying the weather and socializing with friends or family. It is a flexible exercise that can be enjoyed in a variety of weather conditions and can be adapted to any sort of occasion.

Barbecuing may also assist with a healthy diet by encouraging people to grill meat and vegetables instead of frying them.

How Many People Grilled Out?

In 2016, roughly 80 million individuals in the United States broiled. This demonstrates how common this sport is throughout the nation and how many individuals like performing it outside.

The tendency is still going strong today, with Americans equating barbecues with summer and get-togethers.

Is There a Gender Divide With Barbecue?

Barbecuing has always been a male-dominated hobby. Grilling is done by 44% of men against 22% of women.

Despite this, 62% of women are far more adventurous when it comes to grilling than their male counterparts.

What Are the Main Styles of Barbecue?

Carolina, Texas, Memphis, and Kansas City are the most popular barbecue styles in the United States. The distinctions between them may be found in the sauces rather than the cooking procedures.

These locations are the most popular among barbecue enthusiasts, owing to their distinct taste characteristics.

BBQ enthusiasts will have little trouble distinguishing between these sauces.

Final Thoughts

Barbecuing is very popular all over the globe, but notably in North America, where it has become a social staple linked with all kinds of get-togethers, particularly in the summer.

It is not surprising that there is so much data to analyse when it comes to this pastime given its popularity.


Did you know BBQ facts?

The Top 10 BBQ Facts!
Barbecue is derived from the Taino tribe’s phrase for cooking on wood! …
A grill should never be used inside.
In 2017, Uruguay hosted the World’s Largest Barbecue.
Because of the lockdown, more individuals purchased a grill last year.
Every year, 150 million BBQs are sold in the United Kingdom.
A BBQ can reach temperatures of 260 degrees!

How many grills are sold each year?

How many grills are sold each year in the United States? In the United States alone, nearly 20 million grills were sold in 2020. When compared to other popular things in 2020, such as Keurig coffee machines (which sold over 3 million units to new homes that year),

What is the most popular day to BBQ?

July 4th (71%) is the most popular holiday for barbecues, followed by Memorial Day (57%) and Labor Day (55%). Burgers (85 percent), steak (80 percent), hot dogs (79 percent), and chicken (73 percent) are the most popular items to grill.

How popular is barbecue?

According to QSR magazine, “barbecue has a broad appeal, with over 95 percent of Americans saying they like it, and nearly one-third saying they eat barbecue or barbecue-sauced foods at least once a week.” BBQ’s popularity has resulted in $2.9 billion in sales for a tiny portion of the US market.

What state is the birthplace of BBQ?

It may surprise you to find that South Carolina is often regarded as the origin of barbecue.

What is the BBQ capital of the world?

The network dubbed Kansas City the “BBQ Capital of the World” when it announced its coverage ambitions.

Which state grills the most?

Texas is the finest BBQ state. It is home to three of America’s top twelve finest BBQ cities: San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.

What do Americans grill the most?

What are the most popular barbeque meals in America?
Dogs on a stick.
Chicken Barbecue.
The Fourth of July.

What is the largest BBQ franchise?

Begin your business right now! Dickey’s is the world’s biggest barbecue franchise and an award-winning brand. Their smokin’ brand has been serving customers to wonderful tasting barbecue since 1941, with over 500 sites in 43 states as well as overseas locations.

What are the 4 BBQ states?

There are four major BBQ areas in the United States: Kansas City, Carolina, Memphis, and Texas. These four barbeque techniques are the most well-known regional interpretations of barbecued meat.

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