[2023] The 5 Greatest Grill Spatulas

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A firm, solid grill spatula is required for cooking meals over a burning hot grill. However, a flimsy grill spatula will not do.

Your barbecue spatula should be flexible enough to glide beneath burgers that are close together on the grill without damaging the lovely grill marks or the burgers adjacent to the patty you’re attempting to flip.

A grill spatula should be narrow enough to fit beneath a fillet of fish yet sturdy enough to handle a grilled steak or turkey.

What To Look For in a Grill Spatula

There are a few things you should know before beginning your search for a grill spatula.

Handle length, form, weight, and durability are all factors to consider when selecting a barbecue spatula.

Handle Length

When it comes to grill spatulas, the length of the handle is critical. Your arms and hands may feel like they’re on fire if your spatula is too short.

At the same time, you may wear heat-resistant elbow-length gloves, which may be unpleasant and make grilling more difficult.

A 4-inch spatula is the perfect length. Some barbecue spatulas are also 21 inches long if you like a longer grip. It is preferable to use a grill spatula with a long handle. A 16 1


While selecting a grill spatula, one of the most crucial elements to consider is the form of the spatula.

If your spatula has a broader head, it may be difficult to turn the burger without breaking the surrounding patties.

A shaped spatula, on the other hand, may be ideal for flipping flatbread or transferring a pizza to a serving tray.

Spatulas with a narrow head are ideal for flipping stacked burgers. Moreover, grill spatulas with thin heads provide greater accuracy, agility, and control.

Choose a spatula that is not too thin that it slides through the grill grates rather than beneath the food.

These spatulas are often fragile, resulting in poor weight distribution.

Select a grill spatula with a minimum width of 3 inches and even weight distribution.


Strong enough spatulas will be able to remove a brisket, butt, or shoulder.

Some spatulas can bend or shatter, causing the meal you worked so hard to prepare to fall.

If you often grill brisket, pig butt, or pork shoulder, use a spatula with a larger head since it is less prone to warp or break.


Handles for grill spatulas may be made of silicone, wood, plastic, or steel.

While all of these handles are pleasant to use, a grill spatula with a rougher handle, such as wood or steel, that has a good grip is preferable.

These models are not dishwasher safe, yet they are the most suitable possibilities.

The Best Grill Spatulas

On the market, there are practically hundreds of barbecue spatulas.

As a result, your quest for the best grill spatula may rapidly become stressful and burdensome.

Oxo Good Grips Brushed Stainless Steel Turner

Since it is made of stainless steel, the OXO grill spatula is very durable. The design is simple, yet it includes a nonslip grip.

Its stainless steel grip is especially ideal for grilling since it will not warp or bend when subjected to the strong heat of the grill.

The OXO stainless steel grill spatula is dishwasher safe and has a handy hole for hanging the spatula on a wall hook.

4-inch slotted head with a tapered end, ideal for medium or big palms. It is 2 inches long and 3 inches wide. 1 This stylish grill spatula measures 13 1

Moreover, since it can rest on the edge of a pan, this spatula is heat-safe.

Overall, the OXO stainless steel grill spatula is a versatile tool.

This spatula is simple to use for anything from grilling burgers to flipping pancakes on a griddle and sautéing veggies.

Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Turner/Spatula

The chef choice stainless steel grill spatula is made of stainless steel, which will not rust even after repeated usage.

It makes no difference how often you wash this spatula; years afterwards.

The chefs craft grill spatula’s handle is constructed of plastic. The handle is intended to make grilling more pleasant for the user.

You can effortlessly turn dishes on the grill with a 13-inch handle without being burnt or scorched.

Also, the big design of the handles provides a stronger grip and helps you to be nimble while flipping your meal on the grill.

The chef craft choose stainless steel grill spatula is dishwasher safe and has a narrow, tapered edge that easily glides under meals.

Moreover, this spatula is created without welding points, making it incredibly sturdy and powerful.

ZulaySlotted Turner Metal Spatula 

The zulay slotted metal grill spatula is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a slanted edge that allows it to glide beneath grilled dishes, pancakes, salmon, eggs, and so much more.

The slotted head of this spatula enables grease, oils, or sauces to drain away from the meal.

While grilling, the ergonomic spatula handle provides a pleasant, solid grip.

This trendy spatula is around 14.8*inches in length and protects your hands from the heat while cooking.

Whether flipping or lifting big meats like brisket or pig butt, the sturdy construction will not warp or bend.

The best part is that this spatula is simple to clean and store. The gorgeous mirror-finished stainless steel coating will not be harmed by hand washing or dishwasher use.

The zulay spatula also has a handy built-in hanging hole for easy storage on a wall hook.

In overall, the Zulay grilling spatula will be an excellent addition to your cooking armory.

New Star Foodservice Wood Handle Grill Turner/Spatula

The fresh start food service wooden spatula is 12.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. This spatula is made of high grade stainless steel and is dependable.

Also, no matter how many times you use it, this spatula will not discolor.

It is simple and pleasant to hold, with a tightly riveted hardwood handle, and it will survive for many years.

To keep its quality, this spatula should only be handwashed.

Overall, this polished spatula is ideal for flipping burgers, fish, eggs, or anything else you can think of.

FlipFork Boss 5 in 1 Grill Spatula With Knife 

The flipfork 5 in 1 grill spatula is very stunning. The Swiss army knife of grilling spatulas is the fipfork grill spatula. It comes with a fork, a tenderizer, a bottle opener, and a sharp knife edge.

This spatula is composed of high-quality stainless steel that is rust and corrosion-resistant.

The flipfork barbecue spatula can also resist temperatures of up to 1000 degrees.

The handle is made of 100% acacia wood and is water-resistant, antibacterial, and fungus-resistant.

This spatula may also be washed in the dishwasher. The 3.8-inch metal spatula makes it simple to turn meat of any size.

The included 3.5-inch knife is ideal for slicing or chopping food, while the integrated fork aids in turning grilled dishes over.

Overall, the flipfork grilling spatula is a versatile tool that rounds out the Barbecue experience.

There’s no need to hunt through your kitchen drawers for a single tool when you have a meat tenderizer plus a bottle opener. You now have five tools in the form of a spatula.

FAQs About Grill Spatulas 

With so many barbecue spatulas on the market, there are a few questions that may help you narrow down your options. These are the most frequently requested grill spatula questions.

Why Do Spatulas Have Slots?

Slotted spatulas are ideal for operations such as poaching or cooking fish, burgers, and other meats.

When you raise or move the meal to a serving dish, the holes enable liquids or oil to drain away from it.

What’s the Difference Between a Spatula and a Flipper?

Spatulas are generally any cooking item with a tiny flat blade.

Spatulas, on the other hand, are flat cooking implements made of rubber or metal that are used to distribute, mix, or lift food.

A flipper, also known as a turner, is made of metal or plastic and is designed to slide beneath food on a grill or in a pan.

Can I Use a Plastic Spatula on the Grill?

Certainly not! When exposed to the intense heat of the grill, plastic spatulas may melt.

Final Thoughts 

Whilst some may question if purchasing a barbecue spatula is worthwhile, a grill spatula is an important grilling equipment.

You now have all you need to choose the best grill spatula.


What is the best grilling spatula?

Our Selection of the Finest Grill Spatulas
Overall winner: Good Grips by OXO Grilling Spatula, 16 in.
Broil King 18-Inch Stainless Steel Super Flipper is the best large spatula.
Mercer Culinary Hell’s Handle has the best quality.
Cave Tools are the most adaptable. BBQ Spatula Made of Stainless Steel…
Weber Premium Spatula is the most ergonomic.
Additional details…•March 13, 2023

What spatulas do professional chefs use?

What characteristics distinguish an excellent, professional-grade spatula? Nothing rivals stainless steel for its strength, flexibility, heat resistance, and ability to be molded into practically any form. Yet technique (which requires practice) is also important. A skilled cook knows how to flip a burger, piece of eggplant, or fried egg!

What is the best silicone spatula for grilling?

The OXO Good Grips Silicone Everyday Spatula is our top overall silicone spatula. With a nylon core and silicone covering, it’s strong enough to mix even the heaviest batters, yet it’s also lightweight and short enough that it’s never cumbersome.

What material is best for spatulas?

The most common materials used in spatulas are metal, plastic, wood, and silicone. Yet, due to recent developments, silicone has emerged as a leading option for safe usage on nonstick surfaces.

How do I choose a good spatula?

A good silicone spatula can scrape down both the straight edges of a sauté pan and into a bowl’s circular bottom. It should be hard and thick enough to push dough together, but yet flexible enough to easily wipe off a basin. It should also be broad and thin enough to allow for the folding of ingredients.

What to look for when buying a spatula?

Two things to look for are stainless steel material for great heat resistance and a lengthy handle (16-19 inches is perfect). Something additional, such as Cuisinart’s folding handle, makes the lengthier instruments more convenient to store. Several models have a serrated edge.

What utensils does Bobby Flay use?

Bobby recommends “a rubber spatula, a metal spatula, a wooden spoon, a zester, a couple of whisks of various sizes, and some tongs, both long and short.” Ladles, glazing brushes, and a “spider” are also on the list of goods you should have on hand.

Are silicone spatulas better than plastic?

* Silicone cookware is non-corrosive and long-lasting. “Silicone is not biodegradable, yet it is less harmful to the environment than plastic.” “Since plastic is less durable than silicone, it is changed more often, resulting in greater waste,” explains the dietitian.

Are wooden spatulas better than plastic?

Wooden Utensils Are Long-Lasting and Sturdy

Have you ever experienced a broken plastic spoon or spatula? This is not an issue with wooden utensils since wood is much more resilient than plastic. A wooden tool will not shatter if you need to stir a heavy sauce or scrape anything from the bottom of a pan.

Which silicone spatula is best quality?

Overall, the best. Get It Right Quality Silicone Spatula… Ideal for Flipping. The DI ORO Designer Series Traditional Silicone Spatula is ideal for baking. Finest Set. U-Taste 600oF Heat-Resistant Silicone Spatula Set. Best Mini. OXO Excellent Grips 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set. Cuisinart Small Spatulas. Great Value.

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