Authentic Guerrilla BBQ…and whatever else the battle requires.

Chef Robert Legget is hands down one of the Philadelphia dining scene’s most rebellious, fringe-surfing and uncannily creative chefs. After gathering many cult like awards and late night recognitions, chef Robert is taking his guerrilla culinary pursuits to the streets — out-thinking his fellow culinarians, creating murmurs of trends to come. Chef Legget has no fear, utilizing any and all ingredients that he can get his hands on. Whether it’s Asian, Mexican, Italian, Latino, etc., you’ll find it used here. Guerrilla Ultima believes in no boundaries, whether in cuisine, ingredients or execution.

Robert constructed the Guerrilla Ultima food truck with the assistance of his wife, Mercedes, and long-time friend and welder, Joe Reinhart. This mission would not have been possible without the reserved support of Troy Timple of Tattooed Kingpin, Nick Less & Jimmy McMillan of Barry’s Homebrew, Mat Falco of Philly Beer Scene, Barry Homebrew (as himself), Peter Chang of Fisrt Chinese BBQ and Jeff Fletcher of Syntax Productions. Last but definitely not least, a big thanks to Brett at Brands imaging for the awesome wrap job on the Ultima Truck!  And, most importantly — His Mom & Dad!

To be prepared for this new chapter in the Philly food truck scene, all you need are a big appetite and an open mind.

This is not traditional American BBQ.
This is smoked without borders.



& Un-Paralleled


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Accolades & Resume

Rembrandts, Cuba Libre, Zot, Rouge, Black Sheep, Dark Horse, The Original Vesuvio, Pasion with Guillermo Pernot, Susanna Foo, Lidias with Lidia Bastianich, Top of the Triangle, The Blue Door Miami, China Grill Miami, Little Palm Island Fla Keys, JWU 1995

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Undefeated Comfort food champion of Philly 09 & 10

Blues blues BBQ awarded 1st place in 5 categories 2011

Best of Philly 2011, Alterna Burger

Best dish/restaurant summer ale Fest 2011

Resident Chef and Columnist for Cooking with Beer, Philly Beer Scene

Nominated, best of Philly, Food Truck 2013 & 2014

Winner, MANNA Guacamole Show Down  june 2013

Participated in the International Chefs Congress, Smoke Off ICC September 28th NYC

Feature on Eat St. July 10th, 2014 at 8pm on the cooking channel

So many more to come!